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A robust learning management system for FEAFFA's East African Customs and Freight Forwarders Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC) curriculum to be used in six East African countries in English and French, that caters for high and low bandwidth availability.

The Task

In 2017, FEAFFA (Federation of East Africa Freight Forwarders Association), engaged us to design and develop the structures, processes and experiences that will deliver an interactive digital training platform, to manage continuous training to Customs agents and freight forwarders in East Africa through a professional course, the East African Customs and Freight Forwarders Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC). The learning platform also hosts short industry update courses sponsored by the freight logistics fraternity.

The digital training platform will cultivate and perpetuate long-term educational value for FEAFFA members to achieve their objective to equip trainees with necessary skills, competencies and values desirable in Customs and Freight Forwarding. As well as facilitate accessibility of the course and streamline course experience across six countries, with support for both English and French languages.


At the beginning of the journey we prepared digital questionnaires to EACFFPC stakeholders in 6 East Africa countries - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar - allowing us to gain insights into their studying habits and current-state course delivery journey and methods. 

The e-learning platform audience includes FEAFFA Secretariat, national freight forwarder associations, a curriculum implementation committee, course tutors and examiners, current students, recent graduates, accredited schools & learning centres, and practising customs agents & freight forwarders. We reviewed these in a workshop with EACFFPC Curriculum experts and co-created the digital solution needed.

Our approach included the following disciplines: Current-state mapping; User research; Critical experiences mapping; Future-state blueprint; Brand development; and Instructional design.

The Solution

We developed a meaningfully customised e-learning platform for FEAFFA students and stakeholders, taking care to ensure that UX was optimal for all stages of their student life-cycle. The platform supports French and English language and hosts digitised course material, quizzes, and discussions for students and tutors. The platform is marketed to the FEAFFA audience via email marketing and social media messages.


Working with the FEAFFA Secretariat, we developed a digital resource brand, FORCE, that will host the platform and other digital resources. Activities here were naming, identity, positioning and co-branding.


The platform was designed from the bottom-up, where learning features' UX was rethought and simplified. Our design team worked with the development team to develop a user friendly, responsive and light platform that will be very easy to use for users in both high and low bandwidth areas. It carries FEAFFA's FORCE brand throughout all sections, including learning content.

It also features a very robust content management system that has simple and intuitive features to allow multiple  administrators in six countries to update content, manage student intakes and learning in English and French. User manuals were developed for all users (administrators, tutors and students) and training was conducted regionally. 


In digitising learning material, we used instructional and interactive design principles to maximise learning and retention for students. This process involved repurposing learning content from existing physical text books to interactive content, videos, slides and graphics. We further developed question banks for quizzes that are available after each topic in the course.  All content was validated by subject matter experts before being published on the platform.

Animation created from the 'Information Booklet on the 2015 Revised EAC Rules of Origin' explains differences between the 2005 and 2015 rules in less than 6 minutes.


The digital platform reaches over 4,500 Customs agents in six countries and gives them efficient access to the EACFFPC, allowing them to professionalize their career. FEAFFA members are also kept up-to-date on industry updates in a timely fashion.

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