Automating Early Warning Systems for Drought



The development of a system that could pre-emptively alert officals and resource managers of impending droughts and other conditions of water stress in Kenya and Ethiopia. When fully operational, it is estimated 2 Million people will directly benefit from improved early warning drought systems. 

Mapping Water Assets

How do you come up with a solution that can help governments and organisations respond to stess conditions that affect livelihoods? We began by conducting workshops, interviews, and site-visits to understand the real life context of users. 

Real-time Reporting

Insights gained allowed us to understand the minimal viable solution required.

We customised Element Blue's IoT technology, SensorInsight, to support Oxfam's requirements allowing integration of mobile phone survey data and data from solar pumps.This provided reporting analysis and alert capabilities.

We also created an Android Mobile App for conducting real-time waterpoint mapping surveys. With the solution, each team could capture 700 mapped data points including GPS locations to identify malfunctions, allocate the neccessary resources, and provide water to thousands of people and animals. 

Our UX design accounted for off-network usage and cases of operator's limited literacy.

The result was a simple data entry app with a sophisticated dashboard displaying detailed trends and analytics for the back-office teams and government officials. 


700 water points mapped

2 Million people in Kenya and Ethiopia to benefit when fully operational 

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